1970 VW Bug Rebuild – Before

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I bought a 1970 VW Bug about 5 years ago. This one started in apparently good running shape, but I soon found out the front bulkhead was bent. Oh well. Replaced that. Other than that damage, it appears it was in an accident some time ago… the repair job to the front passenger’s side was poor, so I had pretty well the entire front end cut off and replaced. VW before the rebuild

Bug as it was

This is the damage to the front inside passenger’s side. It looks like fiberglass was used.

Stripped of to the metal and prep’ed with etching primer, you can see the damage and how it was pulled straight. I guess this is ok under a layer of bondo, but I wanted it to be right.

…more of the damage

…on the way to paint.

CB Performance front disc brakes w/ drop spindles, swaybar, KYB gas-adjust shocks

2110cc with dual 44 Webers, alternator, 009, external oil filter. The 82mm crank with 90.5mm pistons should make for a reliable, cool running engine.

Bug Rebuild in Process

Although I’m keeping the side trim, almost everything else is shaved off. Above, the gas filler door is filled.

Door handles… filled.

Front dash… fiberglass Bugpack dash put on, edges are smooth to the body… it also cleans up things within the trunk.

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